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Rank Tracker SEO software 6.5.4
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Rank Tracker SEO software 6.5.4

License:$99.75 SEO Software
Language:English, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish
Platform:Vista, Windows, Linux, MAC, Mobile
Requirements:Java Runtime Environment 1.4
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Rank Tracker SEO software - Rank Tracker is a multifeature rank meter SEO tool for webmasters and SEOs who need to check rankings across 370+ search engines. Coupled with a rich keyword suggestion feature this SEO software is your #1 tool for rankings checking and keyword research.

Here's what Rank Tracker is capable of:

1. Checks rankings for an unlimited number of keywords

Advanced Search Engine Safety features such as Human Emulation, User Agents Rotation and SE API keys make it a tool you can always count on.

2. Supports an unlimited number of websites

Rank Tracker will never limit you in the number of websites you can monitor

3. Discovers your rankings in 370+ search engines

You can monitor your rankings in regional SEs of Google, Yahoo! and MSN including UK, Indonesia, Egypt, Denmark, Brazil, Turkey, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Poland and other countries. Besides you can always see where you rank in local search engines such as Naver, Rambler, Yandex, Ask and others. Moreover, if the search engine you want is not on the list yet, just request it and it'll be included.

4. Generates SEO effective keywords

Advanced keyword research feature lets you explore a great number of relevant keywords you can benefit from. The SEO software will also calculate the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) to help you choose the most profitable keywords.

5. Keep track of fluctuations in your rankings

You can get the complete picture of your website's progress over time, with prior and current rankings arranged in an illustrative visual graph or a table


7. Generates reports on your ranking stats, top ranked keywords and other info.

You can customize each and every report choosing what kind of statistics to include in it. Rank Tracker will also enable you to publish the reports on your

website or email them.

8. Runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Rank Tracker is a cross-platform app that you can run on your home PC, MacBook or Linux.

List of Changes:

Version 6.5.4 from 2012-11-09

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Version 6.4.7 from 2012-09-04

- The geotargeting of rank checks has been added for Bing;
- You can now schedule the import of Google Analytics data to Rank Tracker;
- The bug hampering the analysis of Google-related SEO factors has been fixed;
- The number of supported search engines has been revised is now 350.

Version 6.4.2 from 2012-07-23

- Hot! You can now track rankings in PERSONALIZED search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo! (location and language-biased SERPs)
- SEO reporting in Rank Tracker has been improved
- The number of supported search engines has been revised is now 400
- The Dutch interface has been updated

Version 6.3 from 2012-06-15

- Rank Tracker's performance has been largely improved (less RAM and bandwidth used)
- The Russian interface was updated and improved
- Saving multiple projects has been made more convenient
- The list of supported search engines now includes 758 of them

Version 6.1.1 from 2012-05-04

- You can now build traffic progress graphs due to Rank Tracker's deeper integration with Google Analytics
- Now also shows bounce rate per keyword
- The number of CAPTCHAs returned by Yandex has been reduced
- The list of supported search engines has been updated and now includes 759 SEs

Version 6.0.6 from 2012-03-23

- You can now make use of 5 new interface color schemes
- A quick filter has been introduced to the projects switching menu
- You can now sort scheduled tasks in alphabetical order
- Rank Tracker now supports 803 search engines

Version 6.0.1 from 2012-02-10

- Hot-new interface design - check it out!
- The number of supported search engines has reached 780
- The mechanisms of collecting and processing all ranking factors got updated

Version 5.8.1 from 2012-01-02

- When exporting data in CSV, you can now choose to export the Notes column value as well
- Processing CAPTCHAs from Centrum search engine has been improved
- The number of supported search engines has reached 774
- Supports Yahoo Search BOSS 2.0 APIs

Version 5.7.2 from 2011-11-25

- Rank Tracker now supports Google's gl parameter
- The interface has been fully translated into Polish
- The number of supported search engines has reached 773
- Processing CAPTCHAs from Exalead and Seznam.Cz search engines has been improved

Version 5.5.7 from 2011-09-23

- Brand-new keyword rankings and traffic reports released in beta
- The beta version of new keyword value report introduced
- The number of supported search engines has reached 750
- Proxy status verification now returns more actual results
- New sources for finding free proxy lists added

Version 5.5.4 from 2011-08-17

- The number of Rank Tracker's supported Search Engines has reached 750
- Rank Tracker supports new Yahoo BOSS API keys
- Rank Tracker's speed and productivity were largely enhanced and number of CAPTCHA's reduced
- All Rank Tracker's SEO reports are now available in Romanian language

Version 5.3 from 2011-04-22

- Now fully translated into Spanish and Slovak
- Allows you to enter your Google AdWords account information right inside the tool
- The number of supported Search Engines reached 734
- The new tag feature added that allows you to easily organize data in your Rank Tracker project

Version 5.2.2 from 2011-03-02

- now tracks rankings inside separate blocks of Universal Search results in Google, Yahoo! and Bing
- shows site's positions in traditional search results pages along with positions in different section of Universal Search results (sub-rank)
- the number of supported Search Engines reached 721

Version 5.1.1 from 2011-01-20

- Google Analytics data integrated
- the number of supported Search Engines reached 712
- 4 new keyword research mechanisms added: Bing Related Searches, Ask Related Searches, Google Trends and Yahoo! Clues

Version 5.0 from 2010-11-23

- "Competition Tracking" feature added
- Unique "Anti-CAPTCHA" feature added
- The number of supported search engines is 710
- Fully translated into Dutch

Version 4.7.7 from 2009-06-26

1. New search engines added: Bing, AOL
2. Additional regional versions of Altavista, Lycos, Google
3. Build-in browser enhanced
4. Support of Bing API 2.0 added
5. Perfomance with Google and Yahoo! APIs improvded

Version 4.5.7 from 2008-11-27

1. New search engines have been added into Rank Tracker:, AllTheWeb,, and 2.Overall performance of Rank Tracker was improved, making possible to check more keywords at once on older computers. 3.Rank Tracker's stability was improved.

Version 4.5 from 2008-10-09

Keyword Discovery added. Up to 100 new free keyword suggestions per keyword
Now you can retrieve the # of competing pages using any of the supported SEs
Introduced a new export module to CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, SQL, etc
Progress bars with task and time left added
16 regional versions of Google added

Version 4.3.7 from 2008-09-04

1 Extracting KEI and # of searches from Wordtracker
2 Getting keyword suggestions from Wordtracker
3 25 new regional versions of Google added
4 Added Arabic and Latvian versions of Yahoo! and MSN
5 Three different rank checking methods are available now
6 Ability to track rankings of subdomains

Version 4.2.10 from 2008-06-10

1 Better support of East Asian languages
2 Search safety hugely enhanced by using User Agents rotation
3 New search engines: Arab and Korean Googles, Naver, Baidu etc.
4 More quick filter possibilities
5 Improved Yahoo! API key support


SEO rankings checker and keyword suggestor

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File Size: 56.7 Mb

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Webmaster 2008-05-25 12:46:21 #
Version: 4.2.10

Linux SEO software needed

I'm looking for seo software for Linux. I'm having trouble finding seo software for FC9 Linux, please let me know if you make software for Linux.

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File Size: 56.7 Mb